Welcome to Paradox House Vineyards!

Paradox House Vineyards is located in the beautiful small town of Industry, Texas between Houston and Austin, supplying grapes for Pleasant Hill Winery and Dry Comal Creek.



The first grape vines including Black Spanish and Cynthiana were planted in 2001. Seven years later, there are over five times as many vines, producing tons of grapes each year!
Life in the vineyard can be tough, but it can also be relaxing and rewarding at the same time.
Nothing beats family and friends helping to make delicious wine!

August 2, 2008


It's Harvest Time!


The red grapes are ready for harvest, so grab your shears!

Paradox House Vineyards
8544 Bermuda St.
Industry, TX 78944
Telephone: 281-435-7227
E-mail: paradoxhouse at gmail